StudentTonic, a unique e-learning platform created for multiple devices to digitalize the education system. The purpose of StudentTonic is to digitalize the school’s curriculum without doing enough transformation on the classical approach like (Daily Attendance, Regular Classes, Precise Topics, Activity Based Exams, Progress Tracking & Suggestions for Improvements etc.)

Advancement in the technology is directly and positively affecting the people’s way of living. Proper growth along with development of the country and technology go hand in hand. Villages are getting developed to towns and towns to cities thus expanding the greater horizons of economy. Our nation is a fast-developing country as far as technology is concerned.

Technology plays a vital role in the headway of an individual and eventually the society and nation too. Thus, StudentTonic, taking the support of the technology is all set to disperse computer based knowledge among the learners and even the neophytes with an aim to make them familiar with computer and build and boost their confidence. Our proficiency lies in identifying your skill, understanding your aptitude, analyzing your needs and nurturing you to reach the pinnacle of technical excellence. We believe in the innate potential of each individual. In this era of Information Technology, we eye on making available the computer education literacy across the country covering rural and urban area and improve their understanding and ultimately contribute in the National development & skills with more confidence and dignity.

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November 28, 2017

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